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The Best Gymnastics Equipment For Your School

Gymnastics offers physical and mental benefits to children of all ages, and it's an important part of PE curriculums around the world. The sport can be especially beneficial to pre- and elementary school children. The life skills developed while practicing gymnastics in school can be carried into the classroom, the home and well into the future.

This guide is designed to help school administrators and PE teachers choose the correct school gymnastics equipment and understand why practicing gymnastics at this age is so important.

The Benefits of Gymnastics for Children

Gymnastics is not just another physical activity. It's a sport that teaches kids how to work toward a goal, achieve that goal and gain an incredible amount of confidence in doing so. Because gymnastics is a personal sport, it fosters individuality, toughness, confidence and the acceptance of defeat. While children are mastering their personal gymnastics skills, they learn to encourage their peers and support them through the ups and downs of every practice session.

In addition to the mental benefits of gymnastics that carry into the daily lives of children (and their teachers and parents), this sport helps develop important physical skills. Gymnastics improves physical balance, flexibility, agility, and upper and lower body strength. These strengths aid in proper physical development, reduce the chance of injury, and carry into other sports and activities. Best of all, gymnastics teaches kids that physical activity is not a chore — it's fun!

The Best Physical Education Equipment Available

Nimble Sports offers the highest-quality PE equipment for elementary school on the market for prices that your school can afford. Our elementary and preschool gymnastics equipment is specifically designed for children — which means it's safe, mildew-resistant and ready to endure the wear and tear of countless gymnastics sessions.

Our Nimble Sports mats can even be purchased in a variety of color combinations to match your school colors.

Physical education teachers interested in offering more than tumbling lessons will find a wide selection of beams (including low beams for the little ones), horizontal bars, 3-PLAY bars and even complete little gyms designed just for kids.

Don't Settle for Less Than the Best

All Nimble Sports mats are hand-sewn, our gymnastics bars are welded on site, and all of our equipment is made in Michigan — adhering to the strictest quality standards. Our goal is simple — to provide outstanding gymnastics equipment at the best prices. Plus, with our included one-year warranty on every product, you don't have to think twice before ordering.

Even more, our Nimble Sports team is filled with experts who understand the benefits of gymnastics for kids and what your school needs to get started with a quality gymnastics program. Visit us online or call 1-877-MAT-BEAM to find the elementary and preschool gymnastics equipment you need to help your students reach their full potential on and off the mats.

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