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Replacement knobs for your horizontal bar or balance beam can be purchased for $15.00.

Horizontal Bar and Balance Beam Knobs are covered under a 1 year scratch and dent warranty from Nimble Sports. In 2016 Nimble Sports changed the design of their horizontal bar and balance beam braces to be safer and more reliable, resulting in a change of knob size in these two products.

For products ordered before 2016

Unfortunately we no longer have replacement knobs for these products. Take your knobs (or uprights if your knobs are missing) to your local hardware store, Lowes or Home Depot. You may be able to find a bolt or knob that will fit this space and make your gymnastics equipment easily adjustable again.

Nimble Sports also offers a conversion kit that will convert your old horizontal bar to our newest model, replacing your old uprights and knobs. This kit can be purchase for $119.95.

For products ordered after 2016

You are in luck! We have your knobs in stock! If you have ordered in the last 12 months your purchase falls under warranty and you can receive a new set of knobs for free. If your horizontal bar or balance beam braces are older than 1 year, you can purchase a set of knobs for $15.00.

If you believe for any reason you may have a newer version of our horizontal bar or balance beam braces (purchased from a 3rd party — facebook, garage sale, etc.) send photos of the knobs you currently have to This will help us to see if we have the replacements you need.

If you have lost your knobs, please send us a photo of the horizontal bar upright or balance beam brace with a tape measure held across the hole (nut) so we can determine the size that you need. See image below:

Nimble Sports Bar Diagram

The nut on your horizontal bar upright (or balance beam brace) should measure 1/2inch. We do not have replacement knobs for nuts of any other size. The nut must measure 1/2 inch.

The knobs on your horizontal bar or balance beam should be black and look as pictured below.
Nimble Sports Replacement Knobs

We have 2 different knobs that we are able to replace;

  • Larger knobs will fit our Adjustable Horizontal bar, 3Play Bar, Premium Bar, and any Adjustable Balance Beam Brace.
  • Small knobs will fit our 3Play Bar for adjusting the width between the 2 bars on the 3Play.

If your knobs do not look like the knobs pictured above, we do not have replacement knobs available for your bar/beam.

In addition to replacing Horizontal Bar and Balance Beam Brace Knobs we also carry replacement sets of the following items;

Horizontal Bar and/or Balance Beam Hardware; $10.00

  • Includes all of the nuts, bolts and screws you need to put your gymnastics equipment together incase yours is lost or worn out!

Rubber End Caps; $8.00 (set of 4)

  • We have rubber end caps that cover the ends of our horizontal bar and all of our steel balance beam braces.

Wooden Dowel; $25.00

  • All dowels will work in any Gymnastics Bar sold by Nimble Sports. We advise checking with your local hardware store, Lowes or Home Depot first to see if you can get the same dowel at a lower cost. These dowels are made from Poplar Wood and are 1-1/2 inches in diameter.

Spreader Bar; $30.00

  • Black steel piece that holds the bottom legs of your adjustable bar in place. *Usually purchased when your gymnastics bar has been disassembled and pieces are lost*

Nimble Sports Bar Diagram

Call 1-877-628-2326 to place an order for any replacement parts!

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