Horizontal Bars

Horizontal Bars for Every Gymnast

Gymnastics is one of the most difficult and rewarding sports in the world. It demands balance, flexibility, agility and strength; and one of the best pieces of equipment for training a gymnast's muscles and mind is the horizontal bar. Nimble Sports offers a selection of youth horizontal bars to suit gymnasts ranging from beginner to competitive levels. Whichever horizontal bar you choose, you're bound to see your young gymnast flipping, tumbling and training at a higher level in no time.

Our selection of Nimble Sports kids horizontal bars will encourage your little one to train harder and advance his or her skills in an exciting and safe environment. Find the type of bar to suit your child's goals and ability level below:

  • Nimble Sports Adjustable Horizontal Bar

    Adjustable Horizontal Bar: Our Nimble Sports adjustable horizontal bar for kids is ideal for beginner- to intermediate-level gymnasts who want to advance their tumbling and flipping skills at home. This bar is available in a variety of colors (white, blue, pink or purple) and can be adjusted from 3 feet tall to 5 feet tall in increments of 6 inches. The weight limit is 100 pounds, and base extensions are recommended for gymnasts weighing more than 70 pounds or those who perform at Level 3.

  • Nimble Sports Non-Adjustable Horizontal Bar

    Non-Adjustable Horizontal Bar: This non-adjustable kids horizontal bar is ideal for beginner- to intermediate-level gymnasts who want to advance their gymnastics abilities. However, this 4-foot tall horizontal bar is not designed for advanced tricks or routines. It's available for purchase in pink or purple and is recommended for gymnasts less than 100 pounds. Heavy gauge steel supports a poplar wood dowel, which means this bar will last year after year as your child advances his or her abilities.

  • Nimble Sports 3Play Bars - Uneven Bars, Parallel Bars

    3-PLAY Bar: The Nimble Sports 3-PLAY bar is one of the most versatile bars we offer. It's designed to change from the adjustable horizontal bar to the adjustable parallel bars and adjustable uneven bars — offering a variety of disciplines for gymnasts to master. It's ideal for beginner- to intermediate-level gymnasts and includes an 8-foot-by-4-foot gymnastics folding tumbling mat, which fits seamlessly between the bars. Base extensions are included for added stability, and customers can choose from the pink and blue models..

  • Nimble Sports Horizontal Bar Base Extensions

    Base Extensions: Base extensions are designed to connect the legs of our Nimble Sports horizontal bars. They can be purchased in blue, pink, purple or white, and provide 4 feet of extra stability to any gymnastics horizontal bar. Our base extensions and all of our horizontal bar options are built to last with heavy gauge steel.

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There's no better place for your young gymnast to train than at home, and all of our Nimble Sports horizontal bars are designed to help him or her do so safely and with confidence. Shop our online store or call us toll free at 1-877-628-2326 to add the horizontal bars to your child’s home setup today.