Balance Beams

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Balance Beams For All Levels Of Young Gymnasts

A balance beam is an essential piece of training equipment for every gymnast. However, mastering the balance beam isn't easy, and having a junior balance beam at home can provide the practice and confidence needed to advance as a gymnast. Nimble Sports offers a variety of balance beams for sale, whether your young gymnast is a beginner or advanced competitor.

Find the Beam That's Right for You

There are a number of factors to consider when shopping for a kid’s balance beam for your home. Choose one or more of the following beams to advance your home gym and encourage your little one to take his or her beam capabilities to the next level:

: Nimble Sports low beams are 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall. They're constructed to be durable yet forgiving with ¾-inch plywood and MDF that's topped with 3/8 closed cell foam padding for extra comfort. They're wrapped in a commercial-grade synthetic suede to feel like the balance beams at the gym, so your child can learn new maneuvers on professional-style gymnastics balance beams at home. The low balance beam is a safe yet challenging way for young gymnasts to practice.

: Nimble Sports 12-inch-high and 8-foot-long high balance beams resemble the ones your gymnast uses at the gym, but you don't need a big budget to purchase one. They're built to last with ¾-inch plywood and MDF covered in 3/8 closed cell foam. Like Nimble Sports low gymnastics balance beams, they're covered in a commercial-grade synthetic suede to offer an authentic gym feel. The braces are durable and rubber end caps prevent skidding to provide a safe and fun at-home gymnastics environment.

: You'll probably notice that our Nimble Sports high balance beam will suit your gymnast for a long time. However, as your gymnast's skills advance, an adjustable balance beam will advance with him or her. These balance beams can be adjusted from 12 inches high to 18 inches high to suit a wider range of skill levels. They're constructed with the same durable and authentic gym materials as our other top-quality Nimble Sports balance beams.

: Is your young gymnast always on the go? Our folding balance beams for kids are ideal for transporting or storing when not in use. These balance beams are 8 feet long, 4 inches wide and 3 inches high. They can be folded in half and placed in the included carrying bag for easy transportation.

: Ultra-durable balance beam braces can be purchased over the phone or on our Nimble Sports website. They're constructed with heavy gauge steel and the ends are protected with rubber caps. You can buy balance beam braces in sets of two or three to best support the length of your balance beam.

Add a Balance Beam to Your Home Setup Today
Nimble Sports balance beams are designed to encourage your gymnast to practice and advance at home. Shop online or call 1-877-MAT-BEAM to add a top-quality gymnastics balance beam to your home gym today.

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