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Gymnastics Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Black Friday and Christmas Season are right around the corner! Get a head start for your Gymnast with our Gymnastics gift buying Guide! 

A Guide for Selecting Gymnastics Equipment

A How-To Guide For Selecting The Best Home Gymnastics Equipment

You’ve decided you want your young tumbler or gymnast to be able to practice at home, but now you’re presented with the problem of where to start. This guide will help you create the perfect home gym in a limited amount of space.

Quality home gym equipment encourages your gymnast to advance his or her skills in a safe, comfortable and affordable environment. At Nimble Sports, we offer top-quality balance beams, horizontal bars, mats and complete home gym combo packages to turn any room in your home into a place for your athlete to train or simply have fun.

Home-Use Considerations

There are a number of issues to consider when purchasing gymnastics equipment for home use. You probably don’t have 1,000 square feet of space or the lofty budget of a professional gym. Nimble Sports gymnastics equipment is designed for home use and junior gymnasts between levels one and four.

The following are a few factors to consider when creating your home gym:

Using Your Home Equipment
There’s no doubt your son or daughter will be excited to use his or her home gym equipment the moment it arrives. Our Nimble Sports team provides all of the information needed for you to assemble your new equipment safely and easily. Even better, all of our gymnastics equipment for kids at home is designed for use in small spaces, so it can be tucked away when you’re done with every session.

Buying Your Equipment

Nimble Sports makes it easy to locate and purchase the home-use gymnastics equipment that’s right for you. Whether you’re interested in a folding mat for tumbling or are shopping for a complete home gym setup, we offer all of the items needed to suit your gymnast’s favorite disciplines, size and skill level.

Find the ideal gymnastics equipment for your little athlete on our website. Or, call us toll free at 1-877-MAT-BEAM for help choosing and purchasing your perfect home gym setup.



Horizontal Bar VS. 3Play | Your Gymnastics Questions Answered!

What are the major differences between and Adjustable bar and 3Play Bar? 

Adjustable Horizontal Bar 3Play Bar (Double Bar)
Gymnast Weight Limit 70 Lbs 125 Lbs
Gymnast Level Level 1 to Level 3 Level 1 to Level 4
Weight of Equipment 50 Lbs 100 Lbs
Versatility 1 Bar only, no conversion kit available  – 2 Bars, either can be removed to become 1 single Horizontal Bar – Can be adjusted to become parallel or uneven bars
Adjustments Adjusts 3-5ft in height – Adjusts 3-5ft in height – Adjusts 1-1/2–3ft between bars
Shipment Ships in 1 box Ships in 2 boxes
Width 4ft wide 4ft wide, *w/ 5ft wide option
Extensions Recommended after 70 lbs, increases the bar weight limit to 100 Lbs Base extensions included, no extra parts necessary

What kind of skills can be performed on your bars? 

Home gymnastics equipment is strictly for working on basic skills such as the ones listed below;

  • front hip circle
  • single leg squat through
  • forward stride circle (mill circle)
  • back hip circle
  • underswing dismount
  • cast
  • leg cut
  • single leg basket swing
  • pullover

Can I convert my Single Horizontal Bar to a Double Bar or 3Play Bar? 

The Simple Answer, No. A single bar cannot be converted to a double bar, however, our 3Play (Double Bar) has the versatility to adjust in height, width, and has the option to remove bars.

Can my gymnast transition from bar to bar on the 3play Bar? 

Competitively, No. 

Even if your gymnast is small enough to swing from bar to bar, he/she should not be practicing anything over a basic skill from Level 1 to Level 4 at home without the supervision of their coach.

For fun? Yes!

You can use these bars in multiple ways, not just for practice! Have a little bit of fun and use them as a set of monkey bars!

What are the benefits of having a 3Play (Double Bar) at home?  

A double bar is great for any conditioning your gymnast may want to do at home. Even though he or she should not be transitioning from bar to bar outside the gym, you can use this double bar in many other ways. Placing the bars at a parallel height and doing forearm dips is one of the best ways to get some good upper-body strength conditioning in! Get creative! The 3Play bar can be adjusted in height, width between bars and has the option to remove a bar. There are many great uses for this bar outside of gymnastics!

Is the 3Play Bar (Double Bar) available in a larger size? 

Our 3Play bar is a smaller version of Uneven / Parallel Bars. Any bar that is larger or adjusts higher than a Nimble Sports bar should not be used at home due to safety and practice concerns OUTSIDE of the gym. Your gymnasts should not be practicing routines outside his or her gym without the supervision of their coach unless approved otherwise. 

Home gymnastics equipment is strictly for working on basic skills such as the ones listed below;

  • front hip circle
  • single leg squat through
  • forward stride circle (mill circle)
  • back hip circle
  • underswing dismount
  • cast
  • leg cut
  • single leg basket swing
  • pullover

Need a Replacement Part?



Replacement knobs for your horizontal bar or balance beam can be purchased for $15.00.

Horizontal Bar and Balance Beam Knobs are covered under a 1 year scratch and dent warranty from Nimble Sports. In 2016 Nimble Sports changed the design of their horizontal bar and balance beam braces to be safer and more reliable, resulting in a change of knob size in these two products.

For products ordered before 2016

Unfortunately we no longer have replacement knobs for these products. Take your knobs (or uprights if your knobs are missing) to your local hardware store, Lowes or Home Depot. You may be able to find a bolt or knob that will fit this space and make your gymnastics equipment easily adjustable again.

Nimble Sports also offers a conversion kit that will convert your old horizontal bar to our newest model, replacing your old uprights and knobs. This kit can be purchase for $119.95.

For products ordered after 2016

You are in luck! We have your knobs in stock! If you have ordered in the last 12 months your purchase falls under warranty and you can receive a new set of knobs for free. If your horizontal bar or balance beam braces are older than 1 year, you can purchase a set of knobs for $15.00.

If you believe for any reason you may have a newer version of our horizontal bar or balance beam braces (purchased from a 3rd party — facebook, garage sale, etc.) send photos of the knobs you currently have to sales@nimblesports.com. This will help us to see if we have the replacements you need.

If you have lost your knobs, please send us a photo of the horizontal bar upright or balance beam brace with a tape measure held across the hole (nut) so we can determine the size that you need. See image below:

Nimble Sports Bar Diagram

The nut on your horizontal bar upright (or balance beam brace) should measure 1/2inch. We do not have replacement knobs for nuts of any other size. The nut must measure 1/2 inch.

The knobs on your horizontal bar or balance beam should be black and look as pictured below.
Nimble Sports Replacement Knobs

We have 2 different knobs that we are able to replace;

  • Larger knobs will fit our Adjustable Horizontal bar, 3Play Bar, Premium Bar, and any Adjustable Balance Beam Brace.
  • Small knobs will fit our 3Play Bar for adjusting the width between the 2 bars on the 3Play.

If your knobs do not look like the knobs pictured above, we do not have replacement knobs available for your bar/beam.


In addition to replacing Horizontal Bar and Balance Beam Brace Knobs we also carry replacement sets of the following items;

Horizontal Bar and/or Balance Beam Hardware; $10.00

  • Includes all of the nuts, bolts and screws you need to put your gymnastics equipment together incase yours is lost or worn out!

Rubber End Caps; $8.00 (set of 4)

  • We have rubber end caps that cover the ends of our horizontal bar and all of our steel balance beam braces.

Wooden Dowel; $25.00

  • All dowels will work in any Gymnastics Bar sold by Nimble Sports. We advise checking with your local hardware store, Lowes or Home Depot first to see if you can get the same dowel at a lower cost.
  • These dowels are made from Poplar Wood and are 1-1/2 inches in diameter.

Spreader Bar; $30.00

  • Black steel piece that holds the bottom legs of your adjustable bar in place. *Usually purchased when your gymnastics bar has been disassembled and pieces are lost*

Nimble Sports Bar Diagram

Call 1-877-628-2326 to place an order for any replacement parts! https://www.nimblesports.com/replacement-parts-add-ons

Gymnastics Skills YOU can do on your Nimble Sports Horizontal Bar

Skills YOU can do on your Nimble Sports Horizontal Bar and Nimble Sports 3Play Bar;

Our Gymnastics Horizontal Bars are great for perfecting your beginner skills and keeping your old skills in “like-new” condition. 

Our gymnastics bars are great for beginner to intermediate level gymnasts from Level 1 to Level 3. Depending on which bar you have, and which level of gymnast, your child can perform these skills on our bar.

  • pullover
  • front hip circle
  • single leg squat through
  • forward stride circle (mill circle)
  • back hip circle
  • underswing dismount
  • cast
  • leg cut
  • single leg basket swing

When your gymnast reaches 70 lbs, he/she may need extensions that will add extra weight to the base of the bar that will extend the life of your bar. 

If your gymnast is more aggressive and performing at a higher level, 3Play bars will hold 125 lbs and do not require additional base extensions, as they are already included!






New Combos | Deluxe Uneven Bars for Home Use

The 3Play Deluxe Gym is here! Making its’ debut last fall, is one out of two of our brand new combo packages!

Spoil your Hard Working Gymnast with the 3Play Deluxe. This All-Inclusive Combo Package comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The 3Play Deluxe is great for beginner to intermediate level gymnasts who want to flip, tumble and train at home.

What does this set include?

This combo comes with a Nimble Sports 3Play Bar in the color of your choice (Blue or Pink), an 8ft Balance Beam in the color of your choice (Tan, Blue, Pink or Purple), a set of Nimble Sports Adjustable Beam Braces (12”-18”), an 8ft x 4ft Gymnastics Folding Tumbling Mat that fits perfectly between the 3Play Bar legs and a 3ft x 6ft Soft Foam Landing Mat.

This 3Play Bar is made to help master basic gymnastic skills and is designed to change from the adjustable horizontal bar to the adjustable uneven bars to the adjustable parallel bars. Base extensions are included with the 3-Play for added stability. **Professional protective mat should be used with this product to help reduce the chance of injury. Advanced tricks and Routines are not recommended to be performed on this bar.
The Nimble Sports Balance Beam is perfect for beginner to intermediate level gymnasts, sturdy and reliable, whether you are working on new skills or keeping your mastered skills in tip-top shape.

Nimble Sports Gymnastics Folding Tumbling Mats are an excellent multipurpose purchase. These mats are great for home use gymnastics, exercise, acrobatics and competitive gymnastics. Our Landing Mats are perfect for gymnasts who like additional support when making tough landings from their balance beam or 3Play bar. These mats fit great underneath our higher sets of Beam Braces. Nimble Sports Beam Braces accommodate any of our 8ft beams. From floor beam braces to the more advanced gymnasts who want to be higher off the ground, you can choose from 1 of 6 different brace type that fits your Little Gymnasts’ needs!


Packaging and Specs;

This Package Includes: (1) 3Play Bar *choice of color (1) 8ft Balance Beam *choice of color (1) 8ft x 4ft Gymnastics Tumbling Mat *choice of color (1) 6ft x 3ft Landing Mat *choice of color (1) Set of Adjustable Balance Beam Braces (Adjustable 12″ -18″)

Ships in 6 boxes: (2) 3Play Bar boxes, (1) 8ft Balance Beam, (1) Gymnastics Folding Tumbling Mat, (1) Landing Mat, (1) Set of Adjustable Beam Braces

Nimble Sports Warranty: One Year Scratch and Dent Warranty on All Nimble Sports Gymnastics Equipment – If your equipment is damaged upon arrival please call us to schedule an exchange (1-877-628-2326)
* * * Warranty is VOID if equipment is left outside and exposed to the elements (rain, snow, etc.). * * *


Adjustable 3-Play Bar
Height of each bar is adjustable from 3ft to 5ft in increments of 6 inches (36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”)
Width will adjust from 18″-36″ in 3 inch increments (18″, 21″, 24″, 27″, 30″, 33″, 36″)
Base is 4ft wide to fit a 8ft x 4ft Gymnastics Folding Tumbling Mat
Constructed with heavy duty steel, supporting two 1-1/2 inch poplar wood dowels
Ends are protected by Rubber Caps to prevent Marks and Scratches and for increased traction
Lock knobs included for simple adjusting
Intended for beginner to intermediate gymnasts
Base extensions included
Weight Limit of 125lbs
Designed and Made in the USA

Balance Beam
8ft long x 4” wide x 4” high (without Braces attached)
3/8 Closed Cell Foam Padding on top for added foot support and comfort
Wrapped with Commercial Grade Synthetic Suede
Constructed from 3/4” Laminated Wood
Designed and Made in the USA

Adjustable Balance Beam Braces
Constructed with Heavy Gauge Steel
Height adjusts from 12″ to 18″ in 2 inch increments (12″, 14″, 16″, 18″)
Ends are protected by Rubber Caps to prevent Marks and Scratches
Brace measurements are taken from the Bottom of the Floor to the Top of the Balance Beam
Designed and Made in the USA

Gymnastics Folding Tumbling Mat
8ft long x 4ft wide
Folds into (4) 2ft sections for easy transport and storage
Constructed from 18 oz Vinyl coated Nylon Cover and 1-3/8” Cross Link Firm Foam
Cover is mildew and puncture resistant, and fire retardant
Velcro strips featured on each end allows for additional mats to be connected
Designed and Made in the USA

Gymnastics Landing Mat
6ft long x 3ft wide
Folds into (2) 1-1/2ft sections for easy transport and storage
Constructed from 18 oz Vinyl coated Nylon Cover and 4” Thick Soft Foam
Cover is mildew and puncture resistant, and fire retardant
Zipper allows you to change foam if it wears out
Designed and Made in the USA

See our FAQ page for estimated shipping times.



Nimble Sports | Horizontal Bars for Home Use

Horizontal Bars for Home Use can help your Gymnast improve their basic skills quickly!

In the comfort of your own home your little athlete can flip,  twist, train and tumble with some of the best Home Equipment on the market made right here in the USA!

Unlike competitors, we use state-of-the-art Heavy Gauge Steel to construct our gymnastics equipment. You can even find our Horizontal Bars being used in some Gyms for practicing basic skills!

Our equipment comes with a standard 1 year warranty.

We have plenty of colors and choices of bars to choose from to find the perfect match for your gymnast to practice at home.

Your child will stay one step ahead of practice and competition with their very own Home Gym!

To get more information and see our assortment of Horizontal Bars, Parallel and Uneven Bars, visit www.NimbleSports.com!



Youth Gymnastics Equipment for Home Use | Nimble Sports

Create Your Home Gym With Nimble Sports  

Nimble Sports is a company founded on one simple philosophy — to provide the highest-quality home gymnastics equipment for the best prices in the industry. Year after year, we continue to make gymnastics equipment that’s ideal for home use and geared toward young gymnasts. Most of our equipment is designed for gymnasts younger than age 12 and less than 150 pounds. Plus, because our niche is so small, we excel at what we do.

As one of the nation’s top 10 sports, gymnastics is continuously becoming more popular. It’s an ideal discipline for young athletes to increase flexibility, become more coordinated and strengthen muscles. It’s also a sport that doesn’t require a large gym or expensive equipment to practice. That’s why Nimble Sports manufactures premium, affordable home gymnastics equipment for kids — so they can master their skills in the comfort, affordability and safety of home.

Why Choose Nimble Sports?

At Nimble Sports, we go a step above the competition to provide top-notch kids gymnastics equipment. We’re able to keep our prices low because we construct all of our home gymnastics equipment for kids on site at Nimble Sports in Lansing, Michigan. Every mat we sell is hand sewn by our Nimble Sports team, and every balance beam is built from scratch. Even our welding is done right here at Nimble Sports.

When you purchase your gymnastics equipment for home from Nimble Sports, you know you’re getting a product that has been constructed from start to finish by us. To prove our impeccably high standards, we offer a one-year warranty on every product we sell.







Why Practice at Home?

Gymnastics equipment for home use offers a long list of benefits. Having a home gym allows your gymnast to practice skills and disciplines whenever he or she pleases. Many times, when you don’t provide at-home equipment for your little ones, they begin using unsafe items, such as furniture, instead.Nimble Sports kids gymnastics equipment ensures that your children are practicing on top-quality items that meet the highest safety standards.

Another benefit to training at home is that you don’t have to travel to the gym and pay admission every time your gymnast wants to practice. Nimble Sports home equipment for kids will save you time and money. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself using some of your little gymnast’s equipment, too. Many of our Nimble Sports mats can be used for a long list of additional home workouts, including dance, martial arts and more.

Create Your Home Gym Today

Nimble Sports makes it easy to find the home gymnastics equipment you need in a matter of seconds. All orders are shipped the same or next business day. Start shopping our online store or call 1-877-MAT-BEAM to create your perfect home gym today.







Spook-Tacular Home Gymnastics Equipment for Your Gymnast

Check out our “Spook-Tacular” NEW Products and Combos!! And be SURE to keep an eye out for our Annual Nimble Sports Halloween Contest! (Details to follow)

Nimble Sports 3-Play Little Gym is our NEWEST Combo and comes in pink or blue bars, with a Low-Balance Beam in 4 different colors and your choice of 8ft folding mat that comes in a variety of colors!

The Nimble Sports Premium Adjustable Horizontal Bar is great for beginner to intermediate level gymnasts who want to flip, tumble and train at home and holds up to 125 Lbs when purchased with our Premium Base Extensions.

The PINK 3Play bar is a LIMITED QUANTITY Item, designed to change from the adjustable horizontal bar to the adjustable uneven bars to the adjustable parallel bars. Base extensions are included with the 3-Play for added stability.

Home Gymnastics Equipment for Kids

Shop by Clicking the Image!

Back To School Sale

Looking for the perfect equipment to start your gymnast off the school year and competition season on the right foot? Our 4 foot wide 3 Play Bar and Mat Combo is on sale this month! Take an extra 10% off Purchase price by applying the discount code: B2S-AUG-17

The 3Play Gymnastics Bar is a great piece of versatile home equipment! This bar can be used as a Horizontal Bar, Uneven Bars, and as Parallel Bars and adjusts from 3 to 5 feet in height! You can play and practice in three different ways!

This combo also comes with An 8ft tumbling mat that fits perfectly between the width of any one of our Nimble Sports Gymnastics Bars. The folding mats allow for additional support on your landing whether you’re dismounting the bar or using it on your own to practice your tumbling tricks and passes!