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The 3Play Little Gym is here! Making its’ debut last fall, is one out of two of our brand new combo packages!

What is included in this package?

This combo comes with a 3-Play Bar in the color of your choice (Blue or Pink), an 8ft Balance Beam in the color of your choice (Tan, Blue, Pink or Purple), a set of Nimble Sports Low Beam Braces (Standard Low 6”), and an 8ft x 4ft Gymnastics Folding Tumbling Mat that fits perfectly between the 3Play Bar legs. This Double Horizontal Bar is made to help master basic gymnastic skills. Advanced tricks and Routines are not recommended to be performed on this bar.


Want more details?

The Nimble Sports 3-Play Little Gym Combo comes in a variety of sizes and colors. The 3-Play Bar is designed to change from the adjustable horizontal bar to the adjustable uneven bars to the adjustable parallel bars. This Combo is great for beginner to intermediate level gymnasts who want to flip, tumble and train at home. Base extensions are included with the 3-Play for added stability. **Professional protective mat should be used with this product to help reduce the chance of injury.

The Nimble Sports Balance Beam is perfect for beginner to intermediate level gymnasts, sturdy and reliable, whether you are working on new skills or keeping your mastered skills in tip-top shape. Balance Beam Braces can be changed out at any time, converting a low beam to a high beam or an adjustable beam. From floor beam braces to the more advanced gymnasts who want to be higher off the ground, you can choose from 1 of 6 different brace type that fits your Little Gymnasts’ needs!

Nimble Sports Gymnastics Folding Tumbling Mats are excellent for beginning and advanced gymnastics, exercise, aerobics, cheerleading, martial arts, karate, dance, wrestling, fitness, special needs, and more. The Gymnastics Folding Tumbling Mat is great for home use and competitive gymnastics.


Packaging and Specs:

This Package Includes: (1) 3-Play Bar *choice of color (1) 8ft Balance Beam *choice of color (1) 8ft x 4ft Gymnastics Folding Tumbling Mat *choice of color (1) Set of Low Balance Beam Braces

Ships in 5 boxes: (2) 3-Play Bar, (1) 8ft Balance Beam, (1) Gymnastics Folding Tumbling Mat, (1) Set of Beam Braces

Nimble Sports Warranty: One Year Scratch and Dent Warranty on All Nimble Sports Gymnastics Equipment – If your equipment is damaged upon arrival please call us to schedule an exchange (1-877-628-2326)

Adjustable 3-Play Bar
Height of each bar is adjustable from 3ft to 5ft in increments of 6 inches (36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60”)
Width will adjust from 18″-36″ in 3 inch increments (18″, 21″, 24″, 27″, 30″, 33″, 36″)
Base is 4ft wide to fit a 8ft x 4ft Gymnastics Folding Tumbling Mat
Constructed with heavy duty steel, supporting two 1-1/2 inch poplar wood dowels
Ends are protected by Rubber Caps to prevent Marks and Scratches and for increased traction
Lock knobs included for simple adjusting
Intended for beginner to intermediate gymnasts
Base extensions included
Weight Limit of 125lbs
Designed and Made in the USA

Balance Beam
8ft long x 4” wide x 4” high (without Braces attached)
3/8 Closed Cell Foam Padding on top for added foot support and comfort
Wrapped with Commercial Synthetic Suede
Constructed from 3/4” Laminated Wood
Designed and Made in the USA

Low Balance Beam Braces
Constructed with Heavy Gauge Steel
Standard 6″ Braces
Ends are protected by Rubber Caps to prevent Marks and Scratches
Brace measurements are taken from the Floor to the Top of the Balance Beam
Designed and Made in the USA

Gymnastics Folding Tumbling Mat
8ft long x 4ft wide
Folds into (4) 2ft sections for easy transport and storage
Constructed from 18 oz Vinyl coated Nylon Cover and 1-3/8” Cross Link Firm Foam
Cover is mildew and puncture resistant, and fire retardant
Velcro strips featured on each end allows for additional mats to be connected
Designed and Made in the USA

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