Gymnastics For Kids | Your Questions Answered!

Many parents don’t know “when, why or how” to start their kid in gymnastics. Below we will list a few reasons to help you on your way to getting your child active and social! 


According to GymGab Blog you should start your child in gymnastics early, BUT you don’t have to start them early to determine their success in the sport. Many times parents start their children in gymnastics to build a stronger relationship between parent and child, get extra socialization, or simply learn to better follow direction and set goals.


Some of the following are beneficial skills your child can learn in gymnastics;

“Social Skills: peer interaction, taking turns, watching, listening, team work.
Cognitive Skills: focus, memorization, problem solving, following instructions.
Confidence: achievement, overcoming fear, goal-setting, work-ethic, commitment.
Physical Development: strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, balance, endurance.
Fun: games, music, swinging, flipping, twisting, flying!”


Do your research! Look up local gyms in your area, and check out all of them. Talk to parents of other gymnasts and go to multiple classes. Once you think you’ve done enough research, pick which seems to be the best fit for your child!


GymGab Blog: When, Why, How – Gymnastics for Kids

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