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Hand Rips – Prevention & Care


Whether you’re a gymnast, weightlifter, or cross fit fanatics, dealing with a hand rip is an unavoidable experience. They say you’re not a true gymnast until you have your first hand rip, but that doesn’t really help make your hand better and get you back in action. We’ve compiled some tips for avoiding hand rips as well as treating them once they happen.

Preventing a Hand Rip

So why do athletes get hand rips in the first place? It boils down to too much friction on your hands that are either a bit too soft or a bit too callused. If your hands are still a bit fresh to your new physical activities, try to slowly build up the calluses on your hand by not overdoing certain exercises that might be tough on your hands. You’ll want to build up your hands to be tough and smooth as opposed to dry, rough and bumpy.