A Guide for Selecting Gymnastics Equipment

A How-To Guide For Selecting The Best Home Gymnastics Equipment

You’ve decided you want your young tumbler or gymnast to be able to practice at home, but now you’re presented with the problem of where to start. This guide will help you create the perfect home gym in a limited amount of space.

Quality home gym equipment encourages your gymnast to advance his or her skills in a safe, comfortable and affordable environment. At Nimble Sports, we offer top-quality balance beams, horizontal bars, mats and complete home gym combo packages to turn any room in your home into a place for your athlete to train or simply have fun.

Home-Use Considerations

There are a number of issues to consider when purchasing gymnastics equipment for home use. You probably don’t have 1,000 square feet of space or the lofty budget of a professional gym. Nimble Sports gymnastics equipment is designed for home use and junior gymnasts between levels one and four.

The following are a few factors to consider when creating your home gym:

Using Your Home Equipment
There’s no doubt your son or daughter will be excited to use his or her home gym equipment the moment it arrives. Our Nimble Sports team provides all of the information needed for you to assemble your new equipment safely and easily. Even better, all of our gymnastics equipment for kids at home is designed for use in small spaces, so it can be tucked away when you’re done with every session.

Buying Your Equipment

Nimble Sports makes it easy to locate and purchase the home-use gymnastics equipment that’s right for you. Whether you’re interested in a folding mat for tumbling or are shopping for a complete home gym setup, we offer all of the items needed to suit your gymnast’s favorite disciplines, size and skill level.

Find the ideal gymnastics equipment for your little athlete on our website. Or, call us toll free at 1-877-MAT-BEAM for help choosing and purchasing your perfect home gym setup.



2018 Halloween Costume Contest | Tumbling Mat Giveaway

Today starts our annual HALLOWEEN COSTUME CONTEST! Yes, it’s that time of year again!! Your audience will choose 1 BEST COSTUME winner this year and Nimble Sports will choose a runner up!

First prize will receive an 8ft Black (Spooky) Tumbling Mat and Runner-Up will receive a Nimble Sports Halloween Goody Bag!



How to Enter: Submit a photo of your gymnast in their Halloween Costume doing their favorite Gymnastics skill through Facebook Messages!

We will add your photos to an album on our page for you to share as entries are submitted! – Bonus points if Nimble Sports equipment is used!

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How to Enter: Post a photo (no videos – please) of you in your Halloween Costume doing your favorite Gymnastics skill!

Bonus points if Nimble Sports equipment is used 😉 and TAG us in the photo! That’s it!

Note: Only ONE entry per day! If you have multiple photos they can be used as different entries on different days until the contest is over! Get creative!!


ICYMI | 2018 US Championships – Day 1


Should Your Child Participate and Gymnastics & Ballet Simultaneously?

Is It Beneficial For Children To Do Ballet And Gymnastics Simultaneously?

Gymnastics, Ballet, Or Both?  

A child’s interest in gymnastics and ballet often go hand in hand. Yet as a parent, a lot of questions can arise as to whether or not practicing both activities could negatively affect your child. The following are a few of the pros and cons of dual sport practicing between gymnastics and ballet. As you’ll learn, the pros typically outweigh the cons, but it’s important to take into account each individual child’s wants, needs and abilities before making a decision.

Pros of Ballet and Gymnastics Together

There are a number of benefits to practicing both gymnastics and ballet:

  • Social interaction: Practicing both gymnastics and ballet means your child will enjoy even more social interaction with fellow young athletes. Your child will gain more friendships and socialization by practicing two sports with two different groups of participants.
  • Managing priorities: Practicing multiple sports will help teach your child effective time management. He or she must balance multiple practice sessions per week with school, homework along with other obligations.
  • Complementary disciplines: Gymnastics and ballet require many of the same physical skills, which often means children who excel in gymnastics perform well in ballet, too. The balance and maneuvers required for gymnastics often carry over into ballet practice and competition.
  • Decision making: Allowing children the opportunity to practice gymnastics and ballet will give them the chance to choose which (if not both) activity they want to focus their energy toward going forward. You may find that your child enjoys and excels at one activity more than the other.
  • Strength and ability: Gymnastics and ballet both demand core strength, flexibility, proper posture, leg strength and a number of other abilities that result in a healthy lifestyle as a child and later in life.

There are a number of benefits to practicing both gymnastics and ballet:


Practicing dual sports isn’t for everyone. These are a few reasons why some parents decide not to enroll their child in gymnastics and ballet at the same time:

  • Potential exhaustion: Practicing ballet and gymnastics together can mean your child spends more time training than focusing on other aspects of being a kid. Potentially, your child could “burn out” and lose interest in both activities.
  • Expense: Sending your child to multiple practices and training sessions each week can be expensive. It’s not an option for all families, and it’s essential to understand the expenses of practicing both disciplines before starting them.
  • Injury: Injuries are common in most sports and physical activities, so it’s important for you and your child to understand that more exertion can mean a bigger chance of injury. Make sure your child has plenty of time to rest between practices.
  • Time management: While being a dual sport athlete can teach your child the value of time management, it can also be difficult for other family members. More time at practice means less time for other interests and time spent together as a family.

Factors to Consider

The decision to participate in dual sports is different for every child and family. What works for one child may not work for another — that’s why assessing your child and family’s needs is essential to making the right decision. If your child is showing a strong interest in gymnastics and ballet, is dedicated to both of them, and the training is manageable with your time and finances, you may find several benefits to enrolling your child in gymnastics and ballet at the same time.

Find Your Equipment Here

Nimble Sports is the No. 1 place to purchase top-quality, affordable gymnastics equipment. Call 1-877-MAT-BEAM or browse our website to find the best home gymnastics equipment for your little athlete.

Horizontal Bar VS. 3Play | Your Gymnastics Questions Answered!

What are the major differences between and Adjustable bar and 3Play Bar? 

Adjustable Horizontal Bar 3Play Bar (Double Bar)
Gymnast Weight Limit 70 Lbs 125 Lbs
Gymnast Level Level 1 to Level 3 Level 1 to Level 4
Weight of Equipment 50 Lbs 100 Lbs
Versatility 1 Bar only, no conversion kit available  – 2 Bars, either can be removed to become 1 single Horizontal Bar – Can be adjusted to become parallel or uneven bars
Adjustments Adjusts 3-5ft in height – Adjusts 3-5ft in height – Adjusts 1-1/2–3ft between bars
Shipment Ships in 1 box Ships in 2 boxes
Width 4ft wide 4ft wide, *w/ 5ft wide option
Extensions Recommended after 70 lbs, increases the bar weight limit to 100 Lbs Base extensions included, no extra parts necessary

What kind of skills can be performed on your bars? 

Home gymnastics equipment is strictly for working on basic skills such as the ones listed below;

  • front hip circle
  • single leg squat through
  • forward stride circle (mill circle)
  • back hip circle
  • underswing dismount
  • cast
  • leg cut
  • single leg basket swing
  • pullover

Can I convert my Single Horizontal Bar to a Double Bar or 3Play Bar? 

The Simple Answer, No. A single bar cannot be converted to a double bar, however, our 3Play (Double Bar) has the versatility to adjust in height, width, and has the option to remove bars.

Can my gymnast transition from bar to bar on the 3play Bar? 

Competitively, No. 

Even if your gymnast is small enough to swing from bar to bar, he/she should not be practicing anything over a basic skill from Level 1 to Level 4 at home without the supervision of their coach.

For fun? Yes!

You can use these bars in multiple ways, not just for practice! Have a little bit of fun and use them as a set of monkey bars!

What are the benefits of having a 3Play (Double Bar) at home?  

A double bar is great for any conditioning your gymnast may want to do at home. Even though he or she should not be transitioning from bar to bar outside the gym, you can use this double bar in many other ways. Placing the bars at a parallel height and doing forearm dips is one of the best ways to get some good upper-body strength conditioning in! Get creative! The 3Play bar can be adjusted in height, width between bars and has the option to remove a bar. There are many great uses for this bar outside of gymnastics!

Is the 3Play Bar (Double Bar) available in a larger size? 

Our 3Play bar is a smaller version of Uneven / Parallel Bars. Any bar that is larger or adjusts higher than a Nimble Sports bar should not be used at home due to safety and practice concerns OUTSIDE of the gym. Your gymnasts should not be practicing routines outside his or her gym without the supervision of their coach unless approved otherwise. 

Home gymnastics equipment is strictly for working on basic skills such as the ones listed below;

  • front hip circle
  • single leg squat through
  • forward stride circle (mill circle)
  • back hip circle
  • underswing dismount
  • cast
  • leg cut
  • single leg basket swing
  • pullover

Gymnastics For Kids | Your Questions Answered!

Many parents don’t know “when, why or how” to start their kid in gymnastics. Below we will list a few reasons to help you on your way to getting your child active and social! 


According to GymGab Blog you should start your child in gymnastics early, BUT you don’t have to start them early to determine their success in the sport. Many times parents start their children in gymnastics to build a stronger relationship between parent and child, get extra socialization, or simply learn to better follow direction and set goals.


Some of the following are beneficial skills your child can learn in gymnastics;

“Social Skills: peer interaction, taking turns, watching, listening, team work.
Cognitive Skills: focus, memorization, problem solving, following instructions.
Confidence: achievement, overcoming fear, goal-setting, work-ethic, commitment.
Physical Development: strength, flexibility, coordination, speed, balance, endurance.
Fun: games, music, swinging, flipping, twisting, flying!”



Do your research! Look up local gyms in your area, and check out all of them. Talk to parents of other gymnasts and go to multiple classes. Once you think you’ve done enough research, pick which seems to be the best fit for your child!


GymGab Blog: When, Why, How – Gymnastics for Kids

Gymnastics Levels | Everything You Should Know

How do you know if Home Gymnastics Bars will work for your gymnast? If you are an avid reader of our Nimble Sports blog, you may reference this post; “Gymnastics Skills YOU can do on your Nimble Sports Horizontal Bar.

Our gymnastics bars are great for beginner to intermediate level gymnasts from Level 1 to Level 3. Depending on which bar you have, and which level of gymnast, your child can perform these skills on our bar.

  • pullover
  • front hip circle
  • single leg squat through
  • forward stride circle (mill circle)
  • back hip circle
  • underswing dismount
  • cast
  • leg cut
  • single leg basket swing
  • squat on to pike sole-circle dismount
  • sole-circle dismount

When your gymnast reaches 70 lbs, he/she may need extensions that will add extra weight to the base of the bar that will extend the life of your bar. 

If your gymnast is more aggressive and performing at a higher level, 3Play bars will hold 125 lbs and do not require additional base extensions, as they are already included!

But… HOW do you know what level your gymnast is at? The writers at Gymnastics HQ are here to help. Gymnastics Levels generally go from Level 1 to 10, and then to Elite.

The Xcel Program that you may have in your state is also now nationally recognized by USAG as well as the JO (Junior Olympic ) level.


To read more on Gymnastics Levels and how to determine if your gymnast will have room to grow on our Home equipment take a look at the source links below!




Gymnastics Skills YOU can do on your Nimble Sports Balance Beam

Gymnastics Skills YOU can do on your Nimble Sports Tumbling Mats

Gymnastics Skills YOU can do on your Nimble Sports Horizontal Bar

Need a Replacement Part?



Replacement knobs for your horizontal bar or balance beam can be purchased for $15.00.

Horizontal Bar and Balance Beam Knobs are covered under a 1 year scratch and dent warranty from Nimble Sports. In 2016 Nimble Sports changed the design of their horizontal bar and balance beam braces to be safer and more reliable, resulting in a change of knob size in these two products.

For products ordered before 2016

Unfortunately we no longer have replacement knobs for these products. Take your knobs (or uprights if your knobs are missing) to your local hardware store, Lowes or Home Depot. You may be able to find a bolt or knob that will fit this space and make your gymnastics equipment easily adjustable again.

Nimble Sports also offers a conversion kit that will convert your old horizontal bar to our newest model, replacing your old uprights and knobs. This kit can be purchase for $119.95.

For products ordered after 2016

You are in luck! We have your knobs in stock! If you have ordered in the last 12 months your purchase falls under warranty and you can receive a new set of knobs for free. If your horizontal bar or balance beam braces are older than 1 year, you can purchase a set of knobs for $15.00.

If you believe for any reason you may have a newer version of our horizontal bar or balance beam braces (purchased from a 3rd party — facebook, garage sale, etc.) send photos of the knobs you currently have to sales@nimblesports.com. This will help us to see if we have the replacements you need.

If you have lost your knobs, please send us a photo of the horizontal bar upright or balance beam brace with a tape measure held across the hole (nut) so we can determine the size that you need. See image below:

Nimble Sports Bar Diagram

The nut on your horizontal bar upright (or balance beam brace) should measure 1/2inch. We do not have replacement knobs for nuts of any other size. The nut must measure 1/2 inch.

The knobs on your horizontal bar or balance beam should be black and look as pictured below.
Nimble Sports Replacement Knobs

We have 2 different knobs that we are able to replace;

  • Larger knobs will fit our Adjustable Horizontal bar, 3Play Bar, Premium Bar, and any Adjustable Balance Beam Brace.
  • Small knobs will fit our 3Play Bar for adjusting the width between the 2 bars on the 3Play.

If your knobs do not look like the knobs pictured above, we do not have replacement knobs available for your bar/beam.


In addition to replacing Horizontal Bar and Balance Beam Brace Knobs we also carry replacement sets of the following items;

Horizontal Bar and/or Balance Beam Hardware; $10.00

  • Includes all of the nuts, bolts and screws you need to put your gymnastics equipment together incase yours is lost or worn out!

Rubber End Caps; $8.00 (set of 4)

  • We have rubber end caps that cover the ends of our horizontal bar and all of our steel balance beam braces.

Wooden Dowel; $25.00

  • All dowels will work in any Gymnastics Bar sold by Nimble Sports. We advise checking with your local hardware store, Lowes or Home Depot first to see if you can get the same dowel at a lower cost.
  • These dowels are made from Poplar Wood and are 1-1/2 inches in diameter.

Spreader Bar; $30.00

  • Black steel piece that holds the bottom legs of your adjustable bar in place. *Usually purchased when your gymnastics bar has been disassembled and pieces are lost*

Nimble Sports Bar Diagram

Call 1-877-628-2326 to place an order for any replacement parts! https://www.nimblesports.com/replacement-parts-add-ons

GK US Classic | Our Top 10 Lovely Leos

On top of Gymnastics being such an exciting sport to watch, it seems like we are always on the edge of our seat to know what our favorite Leos will look like each competition! Here are our TOP TEN picks from the GK Classic!

10. Arizona Sunrays

Jade Carey rocked this patriotic blue Leo — looking like the fierce competitor that she is!









9. Twin City Twisters

Grace McCallum and Tori Tatum brought a bit of sparkle to their skills with a bedazzled seafoam and magenta ombre’ Leo!









8. First State

Morgan Hurd looked brilliant in a gorgeous maroon Leo with a scalloped mesh chest and tons of silver sparkle (is she maybe channeling the inner Gryffindor?!)








The WOGA girls channeled their inner sass-factor with this super fun geometric black and purple Leo.









6. Texas Dreams

The girls from Texas Dreams have been bright and cheery all season long in an array of rainbow colored Leos, with some subtle glam these Leos stuck out in the crowd!









5. Solid Rock

Jordan Bowers cleaned up with an elegant white and red ombre Leo with a beautiful bedazzled pattern on the front!







4. World Champion Center

Simone and Olivia were (almost literally) on fire in these bright red and orange bedazzled Leos!







3. ENA Paramus

Olivia Dunne was stunning in a coral pink bedazzled Leo, a classic look goes a long way! We absolutely love this Leo!








Alexis Jeffrey picks up our most unique Leo for the day, the cross pattern of flowers and color contrast in this Leo has our eyes seeing Hawaiian skies!







1. Naydenov Gymnastics

And our NUMBER ONE Leo for the GK Classic absolutely goes to Jordan Chiles from Naydenov Gymnastics! Fun fact, this Leo was Inspired by The Black Panther and designed by Jordan’s mom. Jordan channeled her inner Warrior Princess throughout the entire day and she KILLED it! We absolutely ADORE this Leo!

Benefits of Team Gymnastics For Your Child | Nimble Sports

The Many Ways Children Benefit From Team Gymnastics  

Involving children in sports offers more than just physical benefits, and gymnastics is one of the best activities for teaching your kids lessons that they can carry into all aspects of their lives — now and in the future. When your children take part in gymnastics, they learn far more than how to perform forward rolls and handstands. 

The following are just a few of the many ways your little gymnast will benefit from practicing the sport in a team setting.

Learning the Basics of a Healthy Lifestyle

Youth gymnastics is a way to instill healthy habits in your kids at a young age. Team gymnastics teaches young athletes that leading an active life is both healthy and fun. When many people think of gymnastics, they often imagine the Summer Olympics. Although few gymnasts ever become Olympians — gymnasts will take away healthy habits that they will continue using throughout their lives. The team atmosphere of group gymnastics also encourages kids to enjoy being around others who enjoy an active lifestyle.

Understanding the Importance of Teamwork

The ability to work well in a team atmosphere is one of the greatest lessons your son or daughter will learn and be able to use for the rest of his or her life. Group gymnastics teaches kids to work as a team toward a common goal. They learn to create routines as a group and support one another through the ups and downs of the sport. These skills are later used in the classroom, workplace and beyond.

Giving and Receiving Support

As a young athlete, it is easy to be preoccupied by personal successes and failures. Team gymnastics teaches children that they can not only learn and draw support from fellow athletes, but they can also teach and provide support. Group gymnastics teaches kids to care about the successes and failures of others as well as how to ask for support when they’re in need.

Handling Wins and Losses

Life is full of successes and failures, whether large or small. Through group gymnastics, your child will learn how to properly celebrate wins and how to handle losses in a fair and mature manner. Team gymnastics is also a setting where having too much drive for an individual win can harm the performance of the team as a whole. Balancing personal desires and the ability to learn from wins and losses are key skills your gymnast can take directly to school, friendships, and eventually future life and workplaces.

Get Your Child Involved

There’s no doubt that group gymnastics offers a variety of physical and mental benefits that can be carried throughout your child’s life. Here at Nimble Sports, we manufacture the highest-quality gymnastics equipment for kids, so your child can practice good habits at home and at the gym in a team setting. Whether you’re looking for your child’s first tumbling mat or a complete home gym setup, our experts will help you find the right equipment for his or her age and skill level. Call 877-MAT-BEAM or browse our website to get your gymnast started today.



What Are the Benefits of Team Gymnastics?