History of Gymnastics Equipment

ten girlGymnastics seems like an old sport, but it has been changing more recently than ever before!
Gymnastics has become a fast evolving sport since it Nadia Comaneci earned the first perfect 10 in the 1970’s and there is always room for growth in safety equipment and performance overall. In 2001, the vaulting table was the same as the men’s pommel horse until numerous injuries urged the gymnastics community to embrace the new vaulting table at every level of gymnastics. The rings have evolved largely since they debuted in the 1896 Olympics and have been made of numerous materials but landed officially on laminated wood in the modern olympics. The bars are a series of flexible horizontal bars that gymnasts swing on introduced at the 1934 World Championships. The pommel horse was originally created by the Romans as a way to practice getting on their horse; since then, the pommel horse has been fixed with handles to allow gymnasts to perform twisting, highly technical maneuvers. The balance beam was introduced into competitive gymnastics in 1934 and was only a long block of wood; it has evolved since with padding to absorb shock.

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