Gymnastics Moves for Beginners

Do you want to help your little gymnast become the best they can be? Help them master the basics. Gymnastics basics are incredibly important to master before trying to complete the more technical moves. Some basics that are necessary include:

Forward Roll- Start standing upright then reach for the floor and tuck your chin looking at your belly button and roll coming back up in the same position.somersault

Cartwheel- This move starts in a tall stance, one foot in front of the other. Gymnasts reach down with their hands, side by side and in line with their front leg. They kick their back foot over their head, then kick their front foot. They land with the leg opposite of the one they started with in front.

Backward Roll- This move starts with a tall stance. Gymnasts then squat down on their heels, sit on the mat, roll backward, push off the ground and elevate into a standing position.

Handstand- Gymnasts reach for the ground, extending their legs to the air with their feet “kissing” when the body is vertical and upside down.

Bridge- The bridge starting position is on the back, hands next to the head with fingertips pointing toward the toes. Gymnasts bend their legs and place their feet on the floor and push with their arms and legs. They get their the arms straight and their head off the ground.

Back Bend/Back Bend Kick Over- The starting position is standing with arms straight up by the head. Gymnasts look at their hands and bend backward in a “U” shape until their hands touch the ground. Once this is mastered, they can kick their legs over their head and land on their on their feet in the lunge position.

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  2. Marcus Coons says:

    Thank you so much for talking about how in order to do a handstand you need to extend your legs to the air with your feet together. It makes sense that knowing what the right way to do the stances is can help you find the best way to adjust so you perform well when competing. A friend of mine was talking about how I should get an air floor for my little girl since she into gymnastics, do you have any suggestions about this?

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