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Does Pinterest Pique Your Interest?

If you’re a gymnast and Pinterest fanatic here are some great boards to get you motivated, decced out, and accessorized!


Sometimes it seems impossible to master a new move or get it just right and we become discouraged, but have no fear! Arley Art is here with ample motivating quotes to get you through those hard times. Their board Gymnastics has over 30 pins featuring your favorite gymnasts!79110e79d96899aadd1bcded30e573d9


Share high quality in home gymnastics equipment from our very own Nimble Sports Gymnastic Equipment board on Pinterest! There are 83 Pins featuring our adjustable bars, low balance beam, high balance beam, folding beam, bags, mats, and more!


Gymnastics- It’s My Life features mugs, phone cases, t-shirts, pillows, party invitations, watches, fabric, the list goes on and on. All of the products on this board are sold by Golly Girls so you can find them in one easy place. Their products are colorful, fun, and customizable!  


Nimble Sports Spring Into Spring 2017 Video Contest

Do you or your young gymnast love to flip, tumble, and catch it all on video? If so, our 2017 Spring Into Spring Video Contest is for you!


How to Enter: Submit via email a 1-2 minute video of your young gymnast using one or more of Nimble Sports at-home gymnastics equipment products. Email videos to In the email please put the gymnasts first name, and a parent or guardian contact name, phone number and email address.

Submissions will be accepted from now until 11:59pm est April 3rd, 2017. All video submissions may be used for promotional purposes. We will contact submissions chosen by the Nimble team for a finalist video compilation. Winners announced April 17th; if your video is chosen, you will win a $100 Visa gift card!


  1. Video must be shot horizontal or “wide screen” (Please do not edit the clips)
  2. Video must be submitted by parent/legal guardian via email to
  3. Gymnasts must be between ages 4-12 on date of submission
  4. Equipment used must include at least 1 item from Nimble sports.
  5. Video must be 1-2 minutes in length and include the following:
    1. Gymnast introduce themselves with first name (ONLY) and age
    2. Gymnast says their TOP GOAL in gymnastics for this year
    3. Showcase funny or cool tricks (humor goes a long way)
  6. One submission per gymnast


Deadline for email submissions:
11:59p est April 3rd, 2017
Top video submissions announced April 17th:
Video Winners = $100 Visa Gift Card

10 Interesting Facts About Gymnastics

1)The Ancient Greeks prepared their young men for war by doing gymnastics!


2) Women weren’t permitted to compete in gymnastic events until the 1920s.


3) Acrobatic gymnastics, which were once referred to as Sport Acrobatics, are a group gymnastic sport for men and women.woman-gymnast-blog


4) In the Olympics only women can compete in the Balance Beam and Uneven Bars.


5) Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson was the winning contestant on Dancing with the Stars in 2009.


6) Gabby Douglas is the first African American to win the individual all-around event.


7) Most major gymnasts start their careers as early as two years old!


8) Total Sportek ranked gymnastics the fourth hardest sport,only falling behind Boxing, MMA, and rugby.


9) Trampolining bounced into the Olympics in 2000


10) In 2012 the average age of the USA women’s gymnastics team was 17 while the average age of the men’s was 21.5


Did you already know some of these facts? Are there other interesting facts you’d like to share with us? Comment below!



Simone Biles: The Gymnastics Superhero

Born in 1997, Simone Biles has taken the world of gymnastics by storm. At such a young age Simone will be going down in history books as one of the best. Her long list of achievements includes,164887

  • Three-time World all-around champion (2013-15)
  • 2015 World team, all-around, balance beam & floor exercise champion and vault bronze medalist
  • Has won 14 world medals (10 gold, two silver, two bronze), which is the most in U.S history
  • Her 10 World gold medals is the most ever in women’s gymnastics history
  • 2015 U.S. all-around, vault & balance beam champion and floor exercise silver medalist
  • Three-time U.S. all-around champion (2013-15)
  • 2015 AT&T American Cup champion
  • USOC Athlete of the Month for October 2014
  • 2014 Women’s Sports Foundation’s individual Sportswoman of the Year
  • First woman to win four gold medals at a single World Championships (2014) since the Soviet Union’s Ludmilla Tourischeva in 1974.
  • 2014 World team, all-around, balance beam & floor exercise champion and vault silver medalist
  • 2014 U.S. all-around, floor exercise & vault champion and balance beam silver medalist
  • 2013 World all-around & floor exercise champion, vault silver medalist and balance beam bronze medalist
  • 2013 U.S. all-around champion and vault, uneven bars, balance beam & floor exercise silver medalist
  • 2013 AT&T American Cup silver medalist

She started doing gymnastics in 2003 and was winning medals on the global level in 2o13. 10 years of dedication can go a long way in the world of gymnastics so never give up on your dreams!

Gymnastic dreams: Training for Gold Leads to Healthier Kids

front walkover

Gymnastics has helped create many gold medal citizens and helps gymnasts excel later in life.

Many kids are already doing gymnastics as they learn to control their bodies and maneuver the world. Babies learning to walk often find themselves doing somersaults by accident, taking these accidental gymnastics to a higher level takes training and practice. The sport itself is perfect for any kid because they learn and succeed at their own pace feeling accomplished with every new move they learn. In gymnastics, no one sits on the bench while the best get to play. Gymnastics is the process of teaching one’s self to be in complete control of their body and as the training continues, muscles develop along with discipline, poise and self confidence. Many celebrities and star athletes started with gymnastics such as Sasha Cohen (the olympic skater), Hillary Swank (the Oscar and Golden Globe winning actress) and Tony Jaa (the martial arts movie actor). Training at home is a great alternative to paying for a professional coach while the child is honing in the basics. Making a practice room with carpet or couch cushions as padding is an easy way to allow child to learn handstands, cartwheels, and many other basics at home. Gymnastics is a training tool for your child’s mind and body that will stay with them the rest of their life.

History of Gymnastics Equipment

ten girlGymnastics seems like an old sport, but it has been changing more recently than ever before!
Gymnastics has become a fast evolving sport since it Nadia Comaneci earned the first perfect 10 in the 1970’s and there is always room for growth in safety equipment and performance overall. In 2001, the vaulting table was the same as the men’s pommel horse until numerous injuries urged the gymnastics community to embrace the new vaulting table at every level of gymnastics. The rings have evolved largely since they debuted in the 1896 Olympics and have been made of numerous materials but landed officially on laminated wood in the modern olympics. The bars are a series of flexible horizontal bars that gymnasts swing on introduced at the 1934 World Championships. The pommel horse was originally created by the Romans as a way to practice getting on their horse; since then, the pommel horse has been fixed with handles to allow gymnasts to perform twisting, highly technical maneuvers. The balance beam was introduced into competitive gymnastics in 1934 and was only a long block of wood; it has evolved since with padding to absorb shock.

5 Gifts Every Young Gymnast Needs



5. Balance Beam: Nimble Sports’ Balance Beams are great gifts for the young gymnast looking to perfect their skills on a regulation width balance beam. The beam is 4in wide and 6in tall. Padding on the top of the beam is 3/8 closed cell foam. Our beams are wrapped with a commercial grade synthetic suede to give it a feel like in the gym. The measurement is from floor to the top of the beam. (shown in pink)

4. Premium Bar Mat Combo: Nimble Sports 3-PLAY is designed to change from the adjustable horizontal bar to the adjustable uneven bars and to the adjustable parallel bars. Base extensions included! The height of each bar will adjust from 3ft to 5ft every 6 inches, (36, 42, 48, 54, 60 inches). The width will adjust from 18 inches to 36 inches every 3 inches. (18, 21, 24, 27, 30, 33, 36 inches).
The 1-1/2 inch wood bar and base is 4ft wide and will fit any normal 4X8 gym mat. Made with heavy duty steel powder coated Blue. The bars weight limit is 125 LBS. Design includes rubber caps on the bottom frame for traction and lock knobs for simple adjusting. Professional protective mat should be used with this product to help reduce the chance of injury. Please allow an additional week for shipping.
(shown in pink/purple)

3. Tan Low Beam Blue Mat Combo: Our balance beam and mat combos come in a variety of colors! All beams are 8ft long and mats are 6ft long to fit underneath the beam. The top of the balance beam is 4 inches wide and the top is padded with closed cell foam. All beams are wrapped with a commercial grade synthetic suede so it will feel like they’re at the gym. (shown in tan/blue)

2. 3 Play Bars with Mat Combo: Nimble Sports gymnastics horizontal bars are great for any aspiring young gymnast. Created from heavy gauge steel, this bar is meant to last! The weight limit on our single horizontal bars are 100lbs and are good for beginner to intermediate gymnasts (Levels 1-3). Adjustable horizontal bar will adjust between 3ft and 5ft. (36in, 42in, 48in, 54in, 62in.) Non Adjustable horizontal bars are 4ft tall. (shown in blue/light blue)

1.Little Gym Deluxe: The Little Gym Deluxe is the ultimate combo package from Nimble Sports! The adjustable horizontal bar will adjust between 3ft – 5ft. The wood bar is 1-1/2 inches round with a 100lb weight limit. Intended for beginner to intermediate gymnasts. If your gymnast is 70lbs and/or level 3 in ability, we recommend base extensions for added stability.

The beam is 8 feet long, the top is 4 inches wide and 6 inches high and constructed of wood. Wrapped with commercial synthetic suede, the beam will feel like they’re at the gym. The beam will adjust from 12in to 18in. Low braces are included.

The landing mat is bi-folding with 4in thick soft foam – Great for Horizontal Bar.  (shown in pink/purple)

These gifts will make it possible for your young gymnast to perfect their talents at home, and take them to the gym! The skills acquired on Nimble Sports equipment are truly priceless!




Artistic gymnastics equipment

Have you ever wondered what equipment your gymnast is using while practicing? Here are all the gymnastics equipment used and how they are used.

Still rings-Two parallel rings 50cm apart, suspended from a cable and straps and held, one in each hand, for a series of exercises in men’s artistic gymnastics particularly requiring stillness of the body; also called the “rings”.
Uneven bars-An apparatus in women’s artistic gymnastics with a top bar 2.4m above the floor and a lower bar 1.6m high, used for a continuous series of grip changes, releases, new grasps and other complex moves.
High bar-A bar standing 2.75 meters high, used in men’s artistic gymnastics; also called the “horizontal bar”.
Parallel bars(artistic)-An apparatus consisting of two wooden rails on uprights, adjustable in height and used for swinging, vaulting and balancing exercises in men’s artistic gymnastics.
Pommel horse-A solid apparatus 115 centimeters high with two handles, or pommels, on top that men in artistic gymnastics use for a series of maneuvers defined by complex hand placements and body positions while holding themselves above the apparatus.

gymnastics equipment
Plane-An imaginary surface where moves are performed, i.e. lateral, frontal, horizontal or diagonal.
Diagonal Plane-An imaginary surface at less than a 90-degree angle to the floor, where moves are performed.
Horizontal plane-An imaginary surface, level with the ground, where moves are performed
Lateral plane-An imaginary surface to the side of, and parallel to, the body, where moves are performed.
Safety platform-A large, thick mat that sits on the floor at each end of the trampoline to cushion the impact if anyone falls from the apparatus.
Vault-A solid apparatus similar to the pommel horse, but lacking handles, and used in men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics for a variety of handsprings from a running approach.
Beatboard– The springboard used in the men’s and women’s vault.

Laurie Hernandez is ‘Dancing with the Stars’

After receiving two medals in the Rio Olympics, Laurie Hernandez is back and ready for more competition. Although this time her competition is different. This time she is competing with celebrities instead of olympians and the sport is dancing instead of gymnastics.

Just a month after the Olympics in Rio, 16-year old Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez is a contestant on the new season of Dancing With the Stars . The season premiered on Monday September 12, 2016 on ABC. The show pairs celebrities with dance professionals. There are 13 total celebrity-dance professional pairs on the show and they all compete against each other for judge’s points and audience votes. The pair with the lowest combined votes is eliminated from the show every week until only one pair remains.

The new season has plenty of competition with some of the celebrity contestants being top notch athletes just as Hernandez. Fellow olympian Ryan Lochte and NFL player Calvin Johnson are the other featured athletes out of the group of celebrities on the show.

Hernandez is partnered with professional dancer Valentin Chmerkovskiy. The duo took first place in the premier, which doesn’t come as a shocker to anyone who watched her shine at the Olympics. It would appear as though Hernandez has a leg up on the competition because of her impressive background in gymnastics, which is not all that different from dancing. Chmerkovskiy is a two-time World Dance Champion and Hernandez skills in gymnastics will aid her in mastering tricky dance moves to come this season. Good things are expected to come from the Hernandez-Chmerkovskiy pair.


On the season premier, the pair scored 31 out of 40 possible points to come in first. They have been the fan favorite throughout the show, and were were dominating the competition throughout the fourth week where they scored 32 points, coming in first again and dominating the competition. In the fifth week, however, the pair gave what some called a “disappointing” performance. Now, in week seven, they bounced back with an impressive performance dancing the quickstep and earning 34 points. Team Valaur is heading to week 8!

You can vote for Hernandez by dialing 1-800-868-3407 or online at either or Facebook. Don’t forget to stay tuned on Hernandez’s progress Monday’s at 8p.m. on ABC and the Nimble Sports Blog anytime!